Deportation and Removal

Deportation (sometimes known as removal) is when the federal government orders someone who is not a citizen to be removed from the United States. Deportation or removal proceedings begin when the government issues a Notice to Appear, or NTA. The NTA states the grounds for removal and may indicate when and where you will have your first hearing. Reasons why an NTA is issued may include criminal convictions, unlawful entry, overstaying a visa, immigration status violations, committing or attempting immigration fraud, making false claims of citizenship, encouraging or assisting another to enter the United States unlawfully, or engaging in behavior that presents a national security risk. If you are in deportation or removal proceedings, you may have the right to challenge your deportation or removal on a procedural or constitutional basis.

As soon as you receive an NTA, you should have an experienced immigration attorney evaluate your case. Teresa Parsons Jabe has successfully helped many clients with their deportation and removal proceedings, from individuals facing deportation for a simple immigration violation, such as entering the country unlawfully or overstaying a visa, to more complex situations involving serious criminal convictions. Jabe Law Office LLC can review your case to determine if you can fight the grounds cited for deportation or if you are eligible for relief from removal. Relief from removal can come through a family-based petition, waivers, asylum or cancellation of removal. Whatever your situation, Jabe Law Office LLC can help you determine the best strategies for protecting your current and future immigration status.

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