Employment-Based Immigration

Employment-based immigration visas can give people the right to work in the United States and, in some case, allow them to obtain green cards. Specific guidelines determine if a person qualifies for an employment-based immigration visa. For example, a person may qualify if the person is: someone with extraordinary ability in business, arts or sciences; a manager or an executive of a multinational business; an outstanding professor or researcher; someone with advanced degrees and performing work in the national interest; someone with a job offer and a bachelor degree or higher or work experience; a religious worker or minister whose services are required by their non-profit religious organization; an investor with substantial funds invested in the United States.

PERM Processing – Labor Certification: Some employment-based visa applications require the submission of a Program Electronic Review Management (PERM) application. With a PERM application, the employer applies to the United States Department of Labor on behalf of the employee for a certification that there are not enough qualified workers in the United States in the relevant job category. If a labor shortage is certified, the person can then obtain a visa.

The employment-based immigration visa process can be frustrating, filled with lengthy delays and processing times. An experienced immigration attorney can assist you with moving an application through the system as quickly as possible and avoiding mistakes that can result in lengthy delays or denials. Teresa Parsons Jabe has represented both employees and employers in filing successful applications and petitions. Jabe Law Office LLC can help you or your company navigate the complex and often time-consuming employment-based immigration visa process.

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